While planning to make a fence at Farnborough, there are many things to remember. Before planning, you need to remember what purpose it will serve, what type of fences the neighbours have, what it will cost you, and many more. So, to make fencing in Farnborough easier, here are a few essential points for you.

Points to Remember Before Buying Garden Fencing

Permission For Planning and Legal Obligations

Firstly, there are a few things you need to clear up. If not clear, then your money will go in vain. You must understand who has to repair or replace the fence; it’s you or your neighbours. You will typically get the answers in the property deeds. It will establish which borders are under your legal control. The T-mark on the documents denotes it. If you’re having trouble finding it, the Land Registry can help.

Security and Safety

The level of security the new garden fence provides is one of the top priorities. It ensures the safety of the house from nuisance makers like thieves. You might have kids and pets who run a lot when unsupervised. So, a fence will stop them from running to the streets accidentally. 

Old fence replacement

The retrofit flat-pack fencing is the best alternative to swap out your old wooden panels. You may think about strong panels while purchasing the new fence.

Bespoke fence

The bespoke fence will suit the best. It depends on the requirements and structure of your garden. 

Colour variants

When choosing the colour, choose it according to your preference and taste. But choosing the colour that goes with your neighbourhood’s other fencing would be best. It would make your fencing look odd.

Durability of fences

It is essential to take the non-rusting UV material for the fencing. The fence needs to be made of durable material. It will ensure it is suitable for adverse weather conditions.


When planning to make a new fence, the cost of the fence matters the most. The budget does matter in most of the cases. People look for pocket-friendly fencing service providers.  
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