Fencing your property is a crucial investment to protect your privacy and security. However, it can be tricky to decide the height your fence may be.

Determine the Fencing Height

The height of the fence is a crucial factor that most property owners tend to ignore. It is a determining factor to protect your privacy and loved ones. If you live across a busy street, a high fence can be instrumental in protecting the privacy of your property.

How to Choose the Optimal Height of Fences?

Various factors may contribute to finalising the height of your fencing in Farnborough. We discuss some of these in the following section.

Protecting Your Pet: If you require fencing installation only to prevent your pet from jumping out, determining the height is crucial. If your dog is active and energetic, it can easily cross a four-foot-high fence. However, the dog’s size should not determine how high you want your fence to be. Observe the animal’s jumping and climbing capabilities. Invest in vinyl fencing with smooth surfaces, which can prevent your pet from climbing. Customise the height evenly so that your dog cannot jump over.

Ensuring Optimum Privacy: Height is a determining factor if your primary goal is to protect your family members from nosy neighbours and passers-by. The taller your fence, the more secluded and private your outer space. A five or six-foot-high vinyl or timber fence is enough to protect your property from the eyes of the external world, without depriving your property of sunlight.

Following the Local Codes: Consider your locality’s zonal codes regarding fencing heights. It is vital to be aware of any limits advised by these codes. Most zonal codes suggest open visibility in properties even after installing fences. You may have to obtain a special permit if you wish to install fences more than six feet high. In such situations, you should double-check with your local council.

These are just a few factors to help select the right type of fencing in your property. If you want them from a reliable source, contact Wesson Fencing. We are a locally owned business specialising in fencing in Farnborough. You can get fences made of different types of materials from our end. Check out our website today to view the varieties.