Fence installation is an indispensable aspect of securing property. It is one of the primary needs to ensure security and safety. However, before you proceed to install fencing in Guildford, it is paramount that you know these most common fence installation mistakes.

Three mistakes you should avoid at all costs to protect your fence better

Some mistakes can seriously affect a fence’s integrity. Hence, aside from getting results that match your expectations, we advise you to guard against some common fencing mistakes.

Inadequate planning and research

Rigorous planning and extensive research are pivotal for installing any type of fence on your property. This planning should include local regulations, the boundary of the properties, and the location and extension of your utility lines. This will help you deal better with legal issues and protect your utility lines from damages. Your contractor should also be well informed on all these issues.

Overlooking the placement and depth of the fence

Only the expert professionals are genuinely aware of this fact. The depth of the fence posts is a crucial parameter for its installation. It determines the fence’s durability and is directly responsible for its structural integrity. Many contractors tend to need to dig the holes deeper. They also tend to arrange the fences at inconsistent intervals. This can also weaken the overall structural durability of the wall. This way, it becomes more susceptible to falling or collapsing under pressure.

The need for regular maintenance

This rests more on the shoulders of the property owners than the contractors. Once the fences are in place, the homeowners stop paying heed to the fences. This lack of care and maintenance further exposes them to premature material damage. Hence, you must closely scrutinize your fence for wood rots, loose boards, rusting hardware, and corrosion. Regular cleaning and resealing can rejuvenate your fence and help it last longer.

So, when you install fencing in Guildford, you should hire an expert team of professionals who supervise every aspect of installation and maintenance. Wesson Fencing is your perfect fencing partner who can help you through all kinds of fencing issues, thick and thin.